We are the creators of all that is good and helpful. Our mission is for the good in everything. Our products and services are for those who desire a protected place in which to conduct computing and online activities through the .yippy VPN grid. Yippy is simply hardware mated to dynamic software sets through a worldwide LAN using a virtual ubiquitously connected web-based operating system. Yippy focuses on clean and innovative web development programs for all types of web activities. Yippy will promote the positive and shun the negative of the digital world.

What we do is just good!

YIPPY is foremost the world's first fully-functioning virtual computer. A cloud-based worldwide LAN, YIPPY has turned every computer into a terminal for itself. On the surface, YIPPY is one-stop shopping for the web surfing needs of the average consumer. YIPPY is an all-inclusive media giant; incorporating television, gaming, news, movies, social networking, streaming radio, office applications, shopping, and much more - all on the fastest internet browser available today.

YIPPY is based on a "skinny" code architecture, combining clean scripting with databasing for one-time object loads and one-time dynamic page loads. Since the pages aren't constantly being refreshed, this results in a tremendous reduction of bandwidth and server space required, reduction in load time for the user, and fewer people required to run the code - once a module is developed, it runs itself. With "skinny" architecture, low data transfer, and a code-light OS; YIPPY out of the gate is able to run at an estimated 75% below the cost ceiling of a traditional web based property generated in typical fashion. Our module-based system is constructed on a layered platform, making it possible for multiple functions to occur simultaneously. YIPPY not only offers video, gaming, web browsing, and more, it offers them at the same time in full view or according to the wishes of the user. Each function is dynamically set into its own layer, with overlapping controls.

The custom YIPPY OS is fully-operational and currently installed and running on existing hardware devices. Personal software needs have evolved beyond one-size-fits-all. Yippy’s essence is Java-based dynamic software sets that are fully customized for “look and feel” for each vertical market penetration. Computing must be made more personal to the end user and contain programs relevant to their personal lifestyle. This is accomplished through a VPN network grid with the ability through DB to cookie cut software packages together quickly and efficiently for consumers or businesses.

Below the surface:

YIPPY is an advertising vehicle. Recurring revenue is generated by unobtrusive ad programs that are strategically placed in the OS driven locally on the device. These advertising impressions would be demographically and geographically quantified by the user’s registration and extremely valuable to the bottom-line. The consumer is exposed to not only ad banners in an array of IAB standard sizes, but rich media advertising, video advertising, and in-player banner advertising delivered directly into the entertainment stream. All advertising is database-driven and fully customizable according to the needs of the marketer. Advertising can be delivered via geolocation or targeted to particular demographics according to the section of the site visited. Do you want to advertise only to visitors who use TWITTER? How about only to users who are interested in football? YIPPY can deliver that. Time-on-site statistics are also significantly higher on the YIPPY platform due to the inherent enticement provided by the web-based OS.

The YIPPY video player features an array of licensed television shows with unlimited capacity for expansion.. The television shows are separately databased and run their own advertising systems, allowing for targeted marketing. A sponsor such as Purina may be very interested in advertising during our pet program, but not as interested in advertising during our surfing program. With YIPPY, you can tailor your ad dollars to your audience. The video player object loads on site entrance only, and the content is controlled with a dynamically scripted interface. The YIPPY player also supports the capacity for shows to be controlled by trusted partners through a web-based upload form. This is done via database queue within the dynamic code set, requiring no personnel from YIPPY. The player module is dynamically resizable/xy mobile onclick to infinite configuration.. DB controls include show ordering, archiving, advertising, artwork, textual information, and cross-show display for programming which fits into multiple entertainment categories.

The YIPPY gaming application uses a JavaScript controlled module platform and can be minimized (small view), maximized (large view) or closed within our module (which includes instructions on how to play the game, if they are not included in the game itself.) The games can be embedded into our JavaScript module directly from a developer’s server using object/embed tags for flash games, or using JavaScript snippets for non-flash games. Alternatively, the games can be stored on the YIPPY server and embedded locally as well. Audio within games is completely supported and graphics do not degrade within the scripted platform.

The YIPPY site is fully SEO compliant, and constructed in scripts which translate well for not only cross-browser applications, but cross-platform. The YIPPY will run perfectly from your home computer, but it will also run perfectly from your mobile device without losing function or quality. The YIPPY was designed from the ground up with your mobile device in mind. Given the features available, it seems perfectly natural that the YIPPY was designed with YOU in mind as well.

Oh, we should say that we are a very far-out group of people. Everyone is a certified genius here and we work together for our goals for the love of it all. Good vs. Don't be Evil ... We are too smart to sell out to Porn, Gambling and other things that infect our society for profit. Good always wins, and conservative values will bring us our victory in the market place.

God controls all creative thought, it's what you do with it that defines who you are.

Are you Good or Evil ?